How many varieties of vines exist in Italy? 100? 200? The latest estimates from the International Organisation of Vine and Wine say that in Italy there are 453 varieties well!

And as often happens, the best wine is not in the spotlight, but where the tradition and the passion still allow the attention to details without the interest of mass production. With this in mind, we decided to find and select the best Italian small / medium wine cellars. These wine shops produce excellent wines to which we want to offer the deserved visibility both nationally and internationally.

In platform, our Sommelier AIS and tasters ONAV come into contact with the wine-growers in order to design a space for them on our storefront, available in Italian and English, and spread their quality in the world, reaching the higher number of interlocutors.

Through we offer our customers a fast commercial channel, easy to use and with global visibility.


The Three Main Rules of

Our graduates AIS and ONAV are constantly looking for new labels that meet three simple rules imposed by 1. absolutely Italian wine; 2. high quality wine; 3. cellars medium / small sized with limited production.

Best Quality / Price.

We guarantee the best quality / price ratio for the wines.

Purchases with a few clicks.

Once you locate and select the bottles to cellar, the customer can only conclude the purchase on the shopping cart, pay by credit card and indicate the address.

Once completed the order, the wine will be delivered directly from the manufacturer to the customer, by courier, thereby maintaining the formula "producer to consumer"

Section Top Wines

In the category Top wines are inserted labels selected by us as excellent. The best proposal for each winery.

UP TO 10€

Beside Winelet Box and the Top Wines, we offer a new secttion dedicated to the best quality/price ratio: the "Entry Level" Wines. In this section, clients may find only bottles witha a final price of less than 10 Euros.